Pet adoption?


A couple of years ago we rescued two dogs that had been dumped on the country road that we live on in northwest Arkansas, both females, the mother and her pup. We had them both spayed, treated for worms, fleas, and mange, it broke our hearts to see them in such terrible condition. It turned out that the pup, which we named Minerva, had inverted eye lids and we had to have an expensive surgery done on her eyes, but since her surgery she has gotten progressively worse and her left eye has gotten ulcerated which has caused her to go blind in it. We love these two dogs but we are poor people and can’t afford another surgery for her, so what I would like to know is this, are there any places that will help to place her in a home with someone that can afford to take care of her the way that she deserves? I really hate to consider the possibility of having her put down, but if I don’t come up with a solution to this problem I might have to do just that.

Any suggestions would appreciated.


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call a rescue org in your area

Baby Rotty

take her to a shelter nd one of the workers will probably foster her

Hope This Helps! :D


How terrible for you. I pray that she will be healed so that you can keep her. Don’t take her to the shelter. They will put her down. Talk to your vet. They may know someone that can help. Rescue groups are another option. Give them a call.


I think its a shame what they charge to take care of a pet. At my vets there is a money box on the counter for people who cannot afford the care. Maybe there is a vet in the area with something like that. Also, call the pet shelter and see if they know of any kind of fund to help with the expense of the surgery. Another thing, maybe a vet would agree to monthly payments. I had a dog once who got ulcers on her eyes. They never suggested surgery, and although she couldnt see very well, she managed to live with the poor sight. Good luck.

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