Pet adoption?


I have to write a persuatsive essay on an idea of my own.
I chose adopting pets from animal shelters.
But I need pros for doing so.

And if you have another topic with alot of pros that would
be good too but I really want to do it on adopting pets.
Pros= things that are good.


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pros? what are those? If it is like good things, you could say it saves animals from being put to sleep or if the animal is in a cruel inviournment you would save their lives…….


Check out the ASPCA, I think they actually have a part in there where it states why it’s great to adopt.
My partner and I have actually save 9 strays, one we adopted from the humane society. He was saved from a fire. They were going to put him down if he wasn’t adopted. He was meant to be with us because he actually saved our lives. We are smokers and he kept scratching at the furnace door. Everyday I was waking up with migraines. To make a long story short. Our furnace had a gas leak. He was trying to tell us. Look at all the news reports about pets dialing 911. Pets are not just pets but they are like children as well. Look at how pets help the elderly get around and out of depression. There are so many great things about adopting animal all the way from saving their lives to them saving human lives. Best of luck on your essay.


One way to argue in favor of adoption is to point out that getting a pet from a breeder supports animal overpopulation (breeders do not spay/neuter their animals) and often animals are bred in cruel environments. Additionally, purebreds often have in-born genetic defects as a result of multi-generational breeding (too much breeding within the same breed!).

Adopting: SPCA and other humane societies will spay.neuter your pet for you and many provide an ID chip, so you can locate your animal if it is ever lost. :) Also, they provide innoculations and many shelters use their funds to save the lives of injured, abused or abandoned pets. They also educate schoolchildren and adults about responsible pet ownership.

Of course, a GOOD, responsible breeder will be choosy about whom their puppies go to, and make sure it is a loving home…but these reputable people are few and far between. Good luck!


-Save a life
-Relief the shelter
-Boycotts puppy mills
-Save the shelter money from putting one less pet down
-Most have less health problems from in-breeding than store-bought puppies, cats, etc.
-Cheaper than buying
-Reliefs over-population of animals because your not buying and promoting a backyard breeder

These are only a few, hope it helps! =)

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